As a HeadStart Hull Young Volunteer, you can make change happen by taking on a number of different and you can be as active as you want.

Some people do one or two roles and some people do them all! It is up to you how much you do and what you do.

The different roles you can apply to do are:

  • Co-facilitator. Someone who helps deliver a youth session
  • Helping to campaign on issues that impact young people
  • Visits youth centres and events to see what issues affect young people
  • Funding panel member. The funding panel decides which youth projects get funding and how.
  • Interview panel member. Helps to interview new volunteers and new staff recruits
  • Planning rep. An elected representative who helps to plan strategy for the campaigns and the next steps for HeadStart Hull
  • Events worker. Plan and run a number of HeadStart Hull events
  • Someone who visits events such as theatre shows and provides feedback
  • Young evaluator/mystery shopper. Someone who visits HeadStart funded projects to review its success and its effect on young people’s emotional well-being. Sometimes a young evaluator will go as a mystery shopper and evaluate the project without the project knowing.

We want volunteers who are good listeners, kind, mature, not distracted, approachable, understanding, well behaved, reliable, confident, assertive, caring, honest, interested, friendly and respectful.

We also want volunteers who give a balanced view and have a good sense of humour, lots of courage, a good heart and leadership skills.

You can see some of the video campaigns created by our volunteers here.

You can see some of the wider campaigns such as top tip postcards here.

So, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, then contact us here or email us at HeadStartHull@hullcc.gov.uk