About Us

About How are you feeling?

How are you feeling is a mental health and wellbeing site that has been co-designed by young people and HeadStart Hull.

The aim of the site is to help children, young people and their families to understand emotional and mental health issues, to promote self-help tips and techniques, and to help to make the ‘system’ easier to navigate within local services.

The main target audience is children and young people. However, information will also be targeted at families and professionals. The website is the ‘go to’ site for all information relevant to emotional well-being and mental health for Hull.

We aim to ensure that we have up to date information about local services and national websites for children and young people on all emotional and mental health issues. To have guidance on self-care and signposting to local services.

If you want to find out more about why this website has been built you can access the Children and young people’s transformational plan here.

Young people have been involved at every step of its design and build of this website, some have been part of focus groups helping develop the name and look of the site, others have checked the content as it has been developed and more groups critiqued the final site before it went live.

We take this process seriously and hope that it means we have developed the site you want to see. If you want to contribute to the site or give your feedback please do, any messages sent through will be replied to as soon as possible.