How can I feel better?

Staying physically well can help look after your mental health and what you eat has an effect on your mental health too.

Getting a good night’s sleep, taking a walk with your friends and cutting down on sugar can all contribute to good emotional wellbeing and helps to promote good mental health. Other tips to improve wellbeing include trying something new, or doing something you’re good at or enjoy.

If you are worried about something at home or have fallen out with friends and are not sure who you can talk to, there are lots of people that can help. Peer mentors are a great way to talk to someone your own age who won’t judge. They can help you to make things better and will also help you to access youth groups, activities or extra support if you need it. Have a look on our Who Can Help Section, where you can talk to Mind.

Looking After Yourself

How can you look after yourself better? From eating well to getting out of the house, and exercising

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